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Monday, November 14, 2005
Don't hold your breath for the Falun Gong mascot...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005
You want to buy a Mini-Disc Player...

Friday, November 18, 2005
Shall we play a game, Dr. Falken?...

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November 14, 2005: Chinese Olympic Mascots: Hello! We're the new mascots for the 2008 China Olympics! I am Bei Bei, the fish, and I represent the sea! This is Jing Jing, the panda. He represents the forest! That's Aiee Aiee, the tank captain. He represents political oppression! Will: Uh... you might want to rething some of these. Chinese Olympic Mascot: Next: Wah Wah, the fingerless child laborer... November 16, 2005: Mitch: Al, do you have any Sony-BMG CDs? I'm collecting them for destruction. Al: What for? Mitch: They install malicious spyware on your computer. Al: C'mon. How much damage could a misic CD really do? KHAN: Bow before the mighty Sony-BMG corporation, pathetic humans! Al: At least he's not singing Britney songs. November 18, 2005: Kepler: I've uninstalled the spyware that Sony loaded onto KHAN. Let's see if it worked. Ask him to do something simple... like playing a game. Will: A game. Okay... uh... KHAN? How about a good game of chess? KHAN: How about Global Thermonuclear War? Will: Start over. Kepler: Right.