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Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Who will fumble more tonight: Tony Romo or Joe Biden?

Friday, September 7, 2012
Well, there's always 'First Husband'...


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September 5, 2012: Mitch: The NFL starts tonight! Al: What? But I was going to watch the Democratic National Convention. Both laugh. Mitch: Just take everything the Republicans said and add a 'not' to it. Al: That advice could have saved me a lot of time last week, too. September 7, 2012: Bill Clinton: Did ya see me the other night? I was born to be on stage, don'tcha think? Will: You are a natural, Mister President. Bill Clinton: Ya know, I'd look pretty good back in the White House. Will: I'm pretty sure there's an amendment against that. Bill Clinton: Heh... I'm good at finding loopholes. Like that sign on the door that says 'No shirt, no service?' It doesn't say anything about pants! Will: TMI, sir.