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Monday, February 17, 2003
It's just a model, sir...I said 'get in'...

Wednesday, February 19, 2003
Note Saddam and the French have the same hat...

Friday, February 21, 2003
Just three panels instead of three HOURS long...

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February 17, 2003: Mitch: Michael Jackson! See? More proof that engineers should run the world! An engineer would never be this crazy! Will: What about Howard Hughes? He lived on the top floor of a casino with all the lights out...never cut his hair... or his fingernails... wore Kleenex boxes for shoes.. suilt enormous wooden airplanes... Mitch: Yet Mike's still crazier. Will: Yeah. Amazing, isn't it? Michael Jackson on TV: Look at my collection of 24-karat gold Tito dolls. February 19, 2003: Engineers Week 2003 story problems! 1. Bob has been watching "Am I hot" for half an hour, not realizing it lowers his IQ by 1.5 points per minute by watching. Knowing he was MENSA (IQ=150) material before, and given that engineers are all above average, how much longer can Bob watch before he's too stupid to do his engineering homework? 2. In the only show of force they're willing to make, the French are doing their best to prop up Saddaam Jussein. How much forcce must this Frenchman provide to keep Hussein from toppling? 3. Michael Jackson has only had *ahem* "two" surgeries on his nose, resulting in a 3/4 inch high stump (fig. a). If he removes 3/16 inch per future rhinoplasty, how many more time under the knife until the "king of pop" looks like fig. b? February 21, 2003: KHAN: Greetings human! Tell me of these engineers you are celebrating! Kepler: Well, pretty much anything that gets built has engineers behind it. Like you, for example. You were designed by engineers. KHAN: I was? I must meet these engineers! I must report to my creator! Kepler: Easy there, V'Ger!