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Monday, May 1, 2006
That hair alone would go in the second round...

Wednesday, May 3, 2006
Except maybe 'Gigli sucks'...

Friday, May 5, 2006
The Empire that will rule for 1,000 years...

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May 1, 2006: Al: Mitch, I-- Great shades of Elvis! What is that thing on your head?! Mitch: I was watching the NFL draft all weekend, so I went out and got a wig that looks like ESPN's draft analyst Mel Kiper, Jr.! What do you think? Al: That's the stupidest thing-- Skip (pointing at the hair): Dude! Lookin' good! May 3, 2006: Kepler: There's a rumor going around the internet that Ben Affleck is going to play Captain Kirk! Skip: No way. Outer space isn't big enough for both of our chins! Kepler: Ha ha! Yeah! How does he like them apples? Skip: That's a Matt Damon quote, Dude. Kepler: I know, but there aren't any memorable Ben Affleck quotes. May 5, 2006: Al: Hi George. George Lucas: I'm releasing the 1977 version of "Star Wars" on DVD. You buying? Al: Of course. George Lucas: Then I'm releasing it again, but in a commemorative tin. You want one of those, too? Al: Yes. George Lucas: In a box? Al: Yes! George Lucas: With a fox? Al: YES! George Lucas: Will you buy it here or there? Al: I will buy it anywhere! Why don't I just give you my @#$^& bank account number?! George Lucas: That would save time.