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November 15, 2012

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  1. Haikus are a form of poetry that consists of three lines with five, seven, then five syllables on each respective line. For example...

    Rockwood is in space (5 syllables)
    On a circular station (7 syllables)
    Looking down on Earth (5 syllables)

    Obviously, that's pretty boring, but technically correct. Try to do more than just count syllables. Be creative!

  2. The haiku you submit doesn't necessarily have to have Rockwood mentioned in it, but it would be nice if it related to something in the site somehow, whether it be space-related or just pertaining to a topic brought up elsewhere.

On with the haikus!

Haiku number one reminds us all to never expect "normal"...

Back to normal now?
"Normal's" relative with kids.
Wait till you have two!



Haiku number two isn't ready to expect the unexpected...

Two strips plus mailbag
equals haikus and third strip?
Let's not get crazy.


Haiku number three gets Haiku of the Week just for the challenge of it all...

Team Rockwood returns
And tries for the Triple Crown
Friday will clinch it.

(BTW I'd promote myself since the second Brian hasn't been around for years AFAIK, but "Brian #2" just doesn't have the same appeal..)

--Brian #3

Come back next week for more of Haiku Thursday! Send in your haiku and maybe next week you can achieve poetry fame! See you then!

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