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            Updated on September 4, 2012

June 14, 2012,

love the wedding dance is there a better hq as utubes not very good thanx





There is a better quality version, teepee, but it's on the Team Rockwood server, and we're not handing it out to anyone. And given that the not-very-good version scored over 13 million hits, we think it's best to keep it that way. Too much quality might be more than the world could handle.



June 15, 2012,

Regarding the Twitter logo change, I'm partial to the "who even noticed" camp rather than the "who cares" camp.





Ditto, James. If Twitter hadn't made such a big deal about it, we doubt anyone would even have noticed.



July 16, 2012,

We watched a show on the History Channel last night called United States of Bacon. It made me think of you.

--Jim Rockwood




Why is that, Jim? When have we ever done comic strips about bacon? Oh, and that time. And that time. And... oh never mind.



August 16, 2012,

It's just as well you missed the Olympics on Saturday.

They kicked things off with a FULL HOUR recap of ... World War II???

I'm not kidding.

We turned it on to watch our diver beat the Chinese and win a gold, but that didn't end up getting shown until after 8:00.

It was pretty educational though, the kids seemed to like the WWII stuff. "Stuff blowing up is cool" says my son.





We can't say we're surprised, Bobby. The only thing Tom Brokaw loves more than incorrectly pronouncing the letter "L" is telling stories about WWII. In fact, he did the same thing at the end of the Turin games back in 2006.



August 24, 2012,

I miss the strips! Please update soon!

--John Patterson




How about tomorrow, John? Come back and see!



August 25, 2012,

Good luck Mr. Gorsky!

--Jim Rockwood




We were curious to see how long after Neil Armstrong died it would take for this joke to resurface. Less than a day, it turned out. For those of you who don't know, here's a link to the explanation.



September 2, 2012,

I have been waiting for you to say something about the election between the attorney and the businessman.

Let's see...should I vote for the man who is busy drafting executive orders for himself; pitching student loan relief to college students; and free everything to those who cannot care for themselves...or do I vote for the person who has diligently proven himself in the business world and does not believe we should continue into the third world status that is happening to the United States of America.





We think it's safe to say that anyone who follows Team Rockwood pretty much knows the way we're going to vote in November, so we don't feel the need to beat our readers over the head with it. However, if you're our friend on Facebook then you've already seen the Clint Eastwood joke we made last week. If you're not our friend on Facebook, what are you waiting for? We just put a link up there! Click away!


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