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Sort of like the 2000 Rockwood Olympic Watch, only colder.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Hello from Salt Lake City! I'm at the AT&T Broadband tent, so I've only got 10 minutes. Pardon any typos.

posted by Brian Lundmark at 10:46 PM

Yes, going to the Olympics IS cooler than watching it on TV. Even if it does take two days to drive up here.
So far we've been to two events, team ski jumping and the Canada versus Czech hockey game yesterday. Ski jumping in person is amazing. TV can never quite capture just how far those guys are flying down the hill. Furthermore, it's down a hill that's steeper than a lot of people would be comfortable skiing on. It's cool.

And did you see me on TV? Well, not quite, but if you were watching, you saw everyone around me. There was a group of Slovenians waving flags to my left, a Japanese fan with two handheld signs (with the little red spot) behind me, and a German woman holding a "go Deutschland" sign next to him. I was right in there in the middle. It was really a lot of fun watching all of these different fans get into it.
posted by Brian Lundmark at 10:51 PM


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