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Sort of like the 2000 Rockwood Olympic Watch, only colder.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Okay, yesterday I was actually going to post more, but Blogger, who is hosting this site, went down for maintenance at the exact time I was trying to update. So here's some more stuff.
posted by Brian Lundmark at 8:14 PM

Watch skeleton tonight if you're reading this as I update it, you might see me. I'm wearing a screamingly bright yellow jacket and a bright blue hat. I'll be jumping up and down at the end. Or maybe I won't. I wasn't actually watching TV, so I don't know if I was on or not, just that I was in front of a camera.
posted by Brian Lundmark at 8:16 PM

And how is skeleton? Well, it's one of the cheaper events, mainly because you hardly ever see anything. Out of the 50 seconds the competitors are on the track, you're lucky if you see them for one. But that one....

Wow. Our seats were up in the stands, but after ending up near the track one of the skeletoners, we moved. When ridden properly, the sleds make almost no noise, so you don't hear them coming until they're on top of you. We got right next to the track in Turn 12, and they are by you in no more than a second. You don't realize just how fast 70 mph is until someone on a sled blows by you 10 feet away. Incredible.
posted by Brian Lundmark at 8:21 PM


We tried to get into Short Track Speed Skating tonight, but unlike every other event, the scalpers wouldn't come down in price. They were asking $150 for the $20 ticket. Now, that's not to say they were actually selling them. It's actually sort of a shame how many empty seats there are at the events we've been at. If NBC didn't have a stake in making the games seem great, they'd probably highlight that fact. But the scalpers have gotten a hold of lots of tickets, and aren't afraid of eating them if they can't get their price.
posted by Brian Lundmark at 8:23 PM

That being said, we've won more times than we've lost. The tally so far...

EVENT.................FACE VALUE.............OUR PRICE

Ski jumping...........$190..........................$125
Hockey.................$150..........................$ 60
(Canada v. Czech)
Skeleton...............$ 55...........................$ 30

We're going to try for Gold Medal women's hockey tomorrow. Face is $250 or $125. Wish us luck.
posted by Brian Lundmark at 8:26 PM

Oh, and Visa sucks. They really DON'T take other credit cards at the official merchandise tents. I never thought an American company would refuse my money, but the "Olympics Superstore" refused to take my Mastercard last night.

That's okay. I got all of the same stuff (plus more) later with my MC at a non-official store. From now on, all of those Visa applications I get in the mail go straight into the trash.

Speaking of corporate sellouts, they're pretty heavy-handed here. If you try to enter the Olympic pavillion, partially sponsored by Coca-Cola, with a Pepsi, they will make you dump it out. Any other drink is fine, but Britney's cola has to go.
posted by Brian Lundmark at 8:30 PM


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