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Sort of like the 2000 Rockwood Olympic Watch, only colder.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Okay, I promised. Here are the last pictures from Utah.

posted by Brian Lundmark at 12:28 AM


Arches National Park, just north of Moab, Utah, is Roadrunner v. Coyote country. Don't believe me? Take a look...

This (52k) is Balancing Rock. I think Wile E. Coyote is behind that one right now with a big lever.

Or perhaps you prefer the world-famous Delicate Arch (52k)? Yes, those are tiny little people standing next to it.

It was an okay trip, but sometimes the scenery (84k) was only ho-hum. Yawn. Mountains and rocks. Been there, done that.

I snapped this picture (84k) just a fraction of a second too late. The Roadrunner had just crested the hill.
posted by Brian Lundmark at 12:29 AM



Ever seen The Searchers? If so, you know where this is.

A shot very much like this one (64k) was on a Rand McNally road atlas a few years ago. They probably didn't take theirs quite so close to sunset, though.

The formations on the left and the middle are called the Mittens (56k) (hold your hands out in front of you if you can't figure out why). That tiny white streak at the bottom is the 4WD road that you can tour if your car is up to it. Mine isn't, and besides, since this was at sunset, there wouldn't have been much to see in about 20 minutes anyway.
posted by Brian Lundmark at 12:30 AM



For all of you into geographic oddities, Four Corners is the one place in the United States where four states meet up in one place. There you can pay the Navajo tribe two bucks a head to splay yourself (36k) across the four state boundaries all at once. At least, that's the way it's supposed to work.

The geographically odd among you might have already figured out that Monument Valley is about two hours away from Four Corners. Who would stick around in the middle of nowhere waiting for tourists to come by an isolated piece of parking lot after dark? Uh... well, nobody. But I wasn't about to not go to Four Corners after being so close, so we bypassed the "No Trespassing" sign at the gate, jogged a quarter-mile down the road, took the picture, left a five-dollar bill at the window, then left under cover of darkness.

Technically, having violated the law in four states at once, I think I'm now a federal fugitive. Look for me in your local post office, soon.

posted by Brian Lundmark at 12:31 AM


So that's it. Finally, a month after the Olympics are over, we have reached the end of the Rockwood 2002 Olympic Watch. Tune back in two years from now and we'll do it all over again in Athens. But over television this time. See you then!

posted by Brian Lundmark at 12:31 AM


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