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            Updated on November 13, 2012

September 4, 2012,

So, concerning "Bacon, where would the internet be without it?" - does that mean bacon is related to spam? And I had to go back and look at every one. And it seems to me I have seen the "Bacon Explosion" somewhere in here. AAaaannnndddd, this weekend, we cooked LA Street dogs.

--Jim Rockwood




Well, they're both from pigs, Jim, but why have just one when you can have both?



September 9, 2012,

Good strips. Thanks for the chuckles. However, Monica is not the only consequence of Clinton's presidency.





We know, Alyce. Even today we still can't listen to "Don't Stop."



October 31, 2012,

I know its been a while but it seems to me like you *have* to do a strip about this news.






It does seem that way doesn't it? Stay tuned.



November 1, 2012,

Remember us???

Just wanted you to know that people miss you and hope all is well.





It's well, Cee, there were just some things we needed to take care of. Thanks for writing!



November 12, 2012,

Thank you. I'd rather look at a lazy, or busy with other stuff cartoonist any day. After last Tuesday, I have had as much of presidents as I can take.

--Jim Rockwood




Something happened last Tuesday with presidents? Man, we HAVE been out of the loop!


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