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Monday, August 11, 2008


Just let Jonathon Horton do everything...

• I'm still on vacation, so it's one more day that NBC has to abuse their fluff programming. Don't think I'm not watching, NBC. I'm just not counting.


• Synchronized diving. Why? I guess it exists for a reason similar to synchronized swimming. It is, however, impressive that two people could do something like that.

Speaking of impressive, the commentator uses freeze frame video and a telestrator to point out how some of the divers weren't in synchronization.

• And now, I'm going out to eat.

• I'm back, and I've missed most of the night. But I got back in time to watch Jonathon Horton, the U.S. gymnast from the University of Oklahoma do a difficult routine and get... a 15.7? That's it?! Oh... Tim Daggett says that's a very good score. All right. I guess I'll take his word for it.

The next U.S. gymnast on the high bar, Justin Spring, spins and spins and flips and flips and BOOM! Sticks his landing. His score? 15.675. I really wish I knew what that meant.

All the U.S. gymnasts get together into a huddle and give a pep talk. The handheld cameras did a good job getting in there for that one.

• Al Trautwig claims that this "may be the only home Olympics" for the Chinese gymnasts. "May" be? Does Al think that China will somehow host another Olympics before these gymnasts stop competing?

• And why is it that the Chinese and Japanese scores always seem to be higher than the U.S. scores? I don't think the judges are biased. I think there's actually a reason. I just don't know what it is because Tim Daggett isn't telling us. This is the whole reason you have an analyst with experience.

• After a disastrous pommel horse routine by the U.S., their shot at a silver medal is probably gone. And after ANOTHER disastrous routine, even the bronze is in jeopardy. The last American on the pommel is Alexander Artemev, the son of a Soviet gymnast. His routine is PHENOMENAL. But will it be enough?

• Oh, by the way, that's only the silver-bronze race. The gold? China already has it wrapped up. Al reminds us that all of China is watching this. Well, hopefully they're not watching NBC's feed, or else they'd be wondering why the focus was on the Americans.

• Tim says the U.S. can start celebrating because... well, just because. I'm sorry, Tim, but you really need to be doing a better job of explaining how gymnastics is scored. The truth is that most people only watch gymnastics once every four years, and now that the scoring system has changed, very few people at home are going to understand what's going on. That's where Tim's knowledge of the scoring could help. For that matter, why not a graphic with the leaders and points needed? Is that even possible? Beats me! NBC is really falling down on this part.

• Finally, NBC posts a graphic showing what the last Chinese gymnast needs for China to win the gold. Better than an 8. So I guess as long as he doesn't impale himself on the apparatus they're going to win the tournament.

• And the U.S. wins the bronze! We're number three! We're number three! Okay, that's a little mean. Given that they weren't even expected to medal minus the Hamm brothers, that's a pretty big accomplishment.

• And they leave us with Natalie Coughlin's medal ceremony (sorry, Natalie! I missed your event!) OH! OH! She's singing!! And crying!! I have a new favorite U.S. Olympian.

So, my vacation is over today, and tomorrow NBC will have to account for all of the fluffy ways. We're back to normal tomorrow!


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