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Welcome to the 2008 Rockwood Olympic Watch:
Blog Trouble In 'Lympic China!


I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Is it possible for one human being to watch all of NBC's prime time Olympic coverage and survive the fluff? Well, duh. I've done it before. And before that. And before that. In fact, I've done it for every Olympics since the Sydney 2000 games. Why? Because I like the pain.

No, actually, it's just because I love the Olympics. Yes, they have their problems, what with awarding the games to oppressive dictatorships and all, but once you get past all of the scandal (which admittedly seems harder to do every year), the Games themselves are everything you've ever wanted in a sporting event. You literally get the best athletes on the planet on the biggest stage in the world. How often does that happen?

Once every two years, now. But that's not why you're here. You're here because you've somehow found out about my quest, which is the same as in previous years: watch every hour of NBC's Olympic programming and break it down into its component parts of Events (yay!), Ads (necessary), and Meaningless Fluff (boo!).

And why can I do this? Because I am the Olympic Champion of Geeks. Yes, I've used that line before, but it's appropriate, don't you think? After all, how many other people would subject themselves to 65+ hours of Olympic programming in just over two weeks? Why, that's like having another job! Most people watch the Olympics to relax, not make a spreadsheet.

Of course, there's another reason to do the Olympic Watch this year: the title. Seriously, how could you not love a report based on Big Trouble In Little China? Plus, that graphic up there was fun to draw. And in case you're wondering, that little bear with the gun? You can find him here. I'm sure we'll be banned in China in a matter of days.

Anyway, thanks for showing up again to watch me torture myself. If you have fun here, be sure to check out the main Rockwood website after you've read up on the Olympics. So, everybody hunker down in your La-Z-Boys and get plenty of Chinese food. We've got weeks of NBC Olympic coverage to enjoy! Let's go!