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Welcome to the 2006 Rockwood Olympic Watch: Turin edition!

Is it possible for someone to watch all of NBC's prime time Olympic coverage and survive the fluff? Oh yes... yes it is. In fact, I've done it before.

The better question is whether or not it's a smart thing to do. Mmmm... probably not. In fact, about two weeks from now I'll probably be saying "most assuredly not." After all, that's what I said the last time I pulled off this stunt.

However, having done this two-and-a-half times before (since I attended the Salt Lake City games, I didn't do a full watch), I can hardly stop now, could I? I have a reputation to keep up! A reputation as a crazy man. A reputation as someone with no life. A reputation as someone who was blogging the Olympics before blogging was the hip new thing.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I must watch the Olympics to uphold my status as the Olympic Champion of Geeks. You may not think of that as a particularly worthy goal, but then perhaps you're just a minor league geek.

Like real Olympic champions, I will put in hours and hours of training. Unlike real Olympic champions, my training will be in watching television. You may be watching the Olympics, but I'll be watching the Olympics. A subtle difference? Absolutely. But it's that fine line that separates we Olympians from the rest of the world.

And to make things more interesting, I won't just be watching the Games, I'll be breaking down NBC's prime time coverage into three distinct categories: Events, Ads, and Meaningless Fluff. Think you've watched more "Up Close and Personal" segments than ever before? Well, I'll back you up statistically!

So, let's begin! Join me as I go citius, altius, and fortius for the next two weeks. With any luck, I won't be dead at the end of the race like that famous marathoner of yore. Click the links at the left to start!





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